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Ten Stamps

Today’s prompt…

As you can imagine, I use LOTS of stamps every month! I think these ones are really pretty 🙂

Stamps from the competitions are a big help and a few readers simply send a book of stamps each month instead of a subscription 🙂 It all adds up!

NaNoWriMo Update: My story flowed well yesterday and I’ve left it on a mini-cliff hanger I’m eager to continue today 🙂 My total is 23,619, just a little over the target. Today is the halfway point and all going well I will pass 25,000 words 🙂 Thanks for the messages and emails of encouragement – they really help!

Comments on: "Ten Stamps" (3)

  1. Love the very 1960s-oriented theme here, Lancer! Has ‘Flower Power’ finally hit Australia, or is your postal service merely ‘into nostalgia’?

    23,619 IS very exciting…makes it seem as if the last half will be smooth sailing?

    • These are definitely nostalgia as we had our flower power in the 60s, too! I’ve always wanted a Kombi van painted yellow but I think in these days of very fast cars(drivers), I’ll stick with my Yellow Lancer and it’s airbags. Much safer. I am very pleased with my total and yesterday added more than 2000 words. I’m hoping today brings just as many…

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