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Ten Ducks?

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Ten ducks? No! Earlier last week I saw groups of twelve ducks on our front lawn and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get just ten in a photo before they flew away. Yesterday these nine kept coming back to the back lawn. I was going to pretend there were ten but I’m sure someone would have counted 😦  Note how dry it is . . .we’ve had hardly any rain in weeks and none on the immediate horizon. Daffy, Donald, Daisy, Huey, Louey, Dewy, Unclce Scrooge and the rest might have to finder a wetter climate 😦

NaNoWriMo Update: Some days I write, then look down at the total to be pleasantly surprised to  find it has grown quickly even though I’ve thought I was only adding a few words…other days I feel like I’m doing a lot but the words add up slowly. After a few hiccups I finished well after midnight but my total stands at 27,717 🙂


Comments on: "Ten Ducks?" (4)

  1. So funny because I automatically began counting the ducks before I read a word – haha!

  2. Laughing here at your short story, Lancer! Thanks so…needed that on this supposed-to-be-relaxing Saturday morning!

    Keep going, as I think you’ve reached the point where it’s ‘all down hill’!!!

    • Glad you enjoyed the ducks – they are fun to watch.
      And, yes, I definitely feel that slope going down and can see that finish line ahead. BTW, you are in my story – well, something you reminded me of a couple of weeks ago.’Yellow is the colour of hope’ and my main character has just found that out, too. My story has been greatly inspired by special people and events in my life (and few not so special!) but it is not my story. I’m using my memories and fictionalising them and putting them in some very different settings and situations. I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out!

      • You just gave me chills, Lancer…because those are my Mother’s words, from the mid-1950s, which she taught me as she was planting several yellow rose bushes at the front of our new house! Thank you so very much for using her phrase!

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