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Ten Redheads :)

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Interestingly, as I was preparing to upload this photo, the man on the property next door has just put a match to a big pile of debris and  there’s a huge blaze out my window.  All safe, as he’s cleared all around it 🙂

NaNoWriMo Update: (Drum roll please!) Last night I reached 30, 145 🙂 well over target, in fact I’m now a day in front and hoping to keep it that way. I had a huge scare this morning when I turned on my computer and for a long while thought it might have crashed but eventually it’s working again 🙂 I did have every one of those 30,145 words backed up and all but one day’s work on PW, which was comforting but this much appreciated, well overworked machine really needs to keep going just a little longer. . .


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  1. Great image, Lancer! Well over 30,000 is so fantastic!!! Keep going, OK (that’s for the computer–;>) !!!

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