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Ten Feathers

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No…I didn’t let Bailey loose on the marauding Cockatoos or pluck the broody hens who’ve stopped laying! With so much birdlife around there’s always feathers in the yard and Bailey loves to play with them 🙂 Poor cat who is confined to the Great Indoors or his outside pen gets very frustrated with Magpies teasing him on the verandah and rabbits, including the tiniest babies, running all over the lawn and right up to the back and front doors! Then, to add insult to injury, when I took him out to his pen just a few minutes ago . . . another cat! Obviously one whose parents let him wander. I’m so glad Bailey can’t talk or I’m sure all I’d hear would be All the other mums let their cats out. You’re not fair!  It’s for your own good, son!  🙂

NaNoWriMo Update: I thought as the month wore on I’d be struggling to maintain the required words each day but rather, each time I add more I can’t wait to reach the next mini-milestone I’ve set. (We won’t mention the things here that aren’t getting done 😦 )Yesterday I thought I might make it to 40,000 but got a bit tired late in the evening and decided on a fresh start today. I’m now up to 39,751 words and still enjoying it 🙂

Comments on: "Ten Feathers" (5)

  1. Impressed with your word count

  2. You’re so close now! Must feel good to know that the end is in sight. Not long to go now. Great that the ideas are still flowing.

  3. I am your official cheerleader here – yay you

  4. Ooooh, Lancer…so very close to a magic 40,000! How wonderful…sounds as if you didn’t realize you’d have that many words in you!

    BTW, Bailey seems to be a very good poser, considering how his day had been going…a very good-looking, healthy cat…reminds me so very much of one I had years ago (on the farm). My sons named him ‘Honeycat’, because he was so sweet!

  5. Your kitty is gorgeous!!! And lucky to have a human mum who loves him so much.

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