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Shopping List

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You don’t really think I only need 10 things when I go shopping, do you? I make a shopping list every week . . . but I forget to take it with me about 9 weeks out of 10 😦

NaNoWriMo Update: Yesterday started well. The couple of hundred words I thought I’d get done before attacking a few things on my ‘to-do’ list turned into about 750 but, unfortunately, when I came back to the story later in the day each word was an effort. I think it was partly due to me taking the laptop into the lounge while I watched the return of Once Upon A Time and staying there and half watching the shows that followed, not full concentrating on the story. Then again, I think I hit a slow patch and that made it easier to be distracted. Either way, I’m staying here in the spare room/office away from distractions while I write today 🙂 I’ve got 41,432 words now and can’t thank everyone enough for all the encouragement. It really helps after a slow day 🙂

Comments on: "Shopping List" (6)

  1. Wonderful, Lancer! May the words continue to flow…as softly, but quickly, as that proverbial babbling brook!

    BTW, I had to Google ‘promite’…sounds interesting, but I don’t think it’s available here in Chicago…perhaps, I’ll write it on my own shopping list and see if I can find it?

  2. Hi Sandra,
    I applaude you for keeping at it, despite the distractions. There’s still eight days to go, so if you maintain your average you’ll reach 62,148. That’s pretty good, in my book. Keep it up!!

  3. You are going great guns Sandra! I wish I had your self-discipline. 😦 Vegemite is better than Promite though! 🙂

  4. Wow you are nearly there!

  5. I can understand having to stop for a break to watch Once Upon A Time. It’s brilliant!

  6. I nearly always forget my shopping list, which is death to my grocery shopping experience. I am one of those people who, without a list, go into the store … get boggled by all the choices and bright lights … wander around aimlessly for a while … and then (because I can’t go home empty-handed) buy a random bottle of mustard. I then go home, put the random bottle of mustard into the pantry with all the other bottles of mustard. (I don’t even eat mustard — what gives?!?), and find my forgotten list full of all the things I really need.

    A domestic goddess, I am NOT. =P

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