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Rhubarb :)

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and tonight’s dessert 🙂 TEN sticks of rhubarb.  Although it’s been very dry, I’ve managed to keep the water up to the rhubarb plants I showed in a post a few months ago and this is our second picking. Hopefully, many more to come 🙂

NaNoWriMo Update: A frustrating day for writing yesterday as my computer threw some terrible tantrums. I save after almost every sentence and back up several times a day but sometimes it refuses to recognise the storage USB or the internet USB and I have to restart, hoping it won’t fail. Yesterday I restarted 5 times and as it won’t even think about working until it’s been on for at least twenty minutes, that took away a lot of writing time 😦  I know I need a new one but had been hoping this would last a couple more months or at least weeks. On the positive side the waiting gave me no excuses not to get the vacuuming and cleaning done and I eventually made it to the daily word tally, too 🙂 43,324 words 🙂 By golly, I think she’s almost got it! Thanks again, for all the messages – if the computer behaves I will answer soon!


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  1. Your computer sounds very ill. I’m nervous you will lose all your writing if you don’t get a new one. Years ago one of mine died suddenly and that was it – everything on it was lost.

    • Yes, it happened to me a few years ago, too, although I had just bought this one and had most things backed up. Thanks so much for caring. It’s been one of those years for expenses (just like everyone) and I was hoping to delay getting a new one for a little longer but we went into Bendigo today and looked around. Found really great deal on clearance – half original price, heaps more powerful than this one ever was and even squeezed a bit more out of the salesman. All good until Rod went to set it up for me tonight and he can’t get into it as it has the store password on it. I think it was intended as a display model but not used. Hopefully, we can ring them in the morning and get it sorted! Until then, I’m backing up every word! And today this one is behaving 🙂 BTW – my main character is named Julie, I decided on it before I found your blog but so glad I did because she’s a lovely person, too 🙂

  2. Beautiful rhubarb…I can almost taste a sauce or pie, Lancer! Love, absolutely love fresh rhubarb!

    RE: the stubborn computer…do you regularly perform a “Defragmentation”? If not, do it now, after you’ve saved everything again. ‘Defrag’ sorts out files, and then allows you to see how much ’empty space’ you have left on the drive. You can also schedule it to be performed regularly by going into ‘System Tools’. It may take a bit of time, but is a maintenace thing that helps the computer to run smoothly (even these machinges can get confused by so much data!).

  3. I’m so tardy in reading and commenting on many posts … (NaNo has me by the brain this month, too >.O) So I know I’m super late for this, but just wanted to say that I feel your pain with the computer problems. I hope you didn’t lose anything that you had written — what a terrifying prospect. Makes it seem like such a great thing to write with good, old-fashioned pen and paper. Although, I do that sometimes, and I once lost a whole notebook full of in-progress novel and stories. Ugh! Heartbreaking. I finally found it, after two months of calling around to different places that I had been and visiting them repeatedly to check their “lost and found” in person. Most people don’t realize just how important an old notebook full of scribbles can be — LOL.

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