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Spicing it up!

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Whether it’s cooking or writing stories and poems, getting the right amount of spice is important 🙂

My NaNoWriMo novel has reached 47,199 words after a good run yesterday. As for spice, there’s not one swear word, no sex and no violence but it’s also not the kind of story where it would be appropriate.  I like it and I’m hoping with another 20,000 or so words and lots of editing, it will find a few readers somewhere. But before all that, a few more words to reach the NaNo target. I’ve got visitors coming for a couple of days but I’m sure I’ll squeeze in a bit more before they arrive.

Yesterday, I sent the December manuscript off to the printer after a couple of re-adjustments. A few pages came up differently on the new computer but it all came together in the end 🙂

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  1. But knowing you, Lancer, there is some humor (that’s ‘spice’ in my opinion) and some little twists (that’s like lemon or orange zest!), and certain, to smooth it all over, there’s probably some raw honey! Glad to hear the new laptop is performing admirably!

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