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Every Shoe Tells A Story!

Today’s prompt…

Shoes could tell so many stories . . .

NaNoWriMo Update: I’ve got my son Elijah and his girlfriend Eilidh visiting but I’m still progressing…48,735 words. So close πŸ™‚

And Elijah mentioned a couple of things yesterday that gave me some great ideas so I’ll be keeping my notepad and pen handy today!

Comments on: "Every Shoe Tells A Story!" (9)

  1. Are those their real names?

  2. Sandra,
    There are some interesting tips for NanoWriMo on the Writers
    Digest siteFay

  3. You are doing so well, Sandra – only a couple of days left and you have just about reached the word count. Go girl!

  4. Thanks Linda. It’s a great feeling. We’ve been out sightseeing most of today but I’ve done a few more words and am sure I will finish tomorrow when they go home. It’s been good telling them all about it as I’ve thought up some new ideas along the way.

  5. Fine analogy with the ten pairs of shoes, Lancer! I hope Elijah received an extra bit of dessert for his ideas? Keep going…this is very exciting!

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