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Just Forty Cents


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For just forty cents you can ride anywhere you want to 🙂

At least today my photo uploaded easily. I don’t know why the one I selected yesterday wouldn’t; perhaps it was Murphy’s Law – I had a big day ahead and everything I tried to do seemed to take twice as long. Today will be even busier! Halfway to Traralgon to visit my parents in Traralgon, my eldest son Nathaniel called to say he was only two days away. He’s coming to visit from Gladstone QLD, with his wife Chau and son Jackie but I wasn’t expecting him until late next week. He managed a few extra days off work . . . so the 3000 things I was hoping to get done before then will all have to be compacted into today, well at least as many as I can fit in! I woke much too early, especially after the long drive yesterday, but I couldn’t sleep. A good start now with the photo successfully uploaded 🙂

Driving to Traralgon yesterday sort of negated the convenience of having a new more local printer but I did collect the December issue along the way, as well as the shopping, new envelopes, stamps and visited Pip and my parents and managed to stop for a coffee with Rod who was working near Seymour when I picked up PW  🙂 So . . . a busy couple of weeks ahead but sure to be wonderful 🙂 and your copies of PW should arrive early next week 🙂


Comments on: "Just Forty Cents" (5)

  1. Love your picture from today! I remember, as a kid, how much I loved these types of rides. Not so much the cars or whatever, but the horses — always the horses. I always begged for change from my parents (which was a huge extravagance!) to ride. Fun times.

    Hope you’re able to accomplish all that you need to do. But, even more than that, I hope you have a lovely visit with your family!

  2. Love the pony, Lancer…or is it, perhaps, a ‘bucking bronco’? I, too, loved them as a child…and find it sad they don’t seem to be around anymore (Probably due to insurance costs and lawsuits?)!

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