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Baby in the House :)


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Yes, we have a baby in the house! Nathaniel, Chau and Jackie arrived last night at 6pm after driving 1400 kilometres in one day! Not surprisingly, they are still asleep although Jackie slept most of the way in the car so might cut short his parents’ rest soon 😦   That’s when Grandma will come in handy 🙂  He’s grown, of course, as he was only 4 months old last time I visited and is now almost 13 months old.

It is a re-education for me . . . it’s a long time since I’ve had to put breakables and child unfriendly things up high or away but I’m sure he will provide lots of inspiration for future stories and poems 🙂

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  1. I’ll just bet you’re having a grand time with little Nathaniel, Lancer…children are so much fun to watch at that age…they’re finally beginning to understand many things, and continue to learn something new every hour of the day! Hope your weekend is lovely…and not too hot!

    • We’re having a wonderful time 🙂 and more to come with the rest of the family arriving on the weekend. I think we have all schedules co-ordinated! Just one day together will be great after so long. Today we’re off to Chinatown which will be fun and perfect for photos 🙂

      • Oooh, can’t wait to see your Chinatown! I have never photographed ours here in Chicago, Lancer, but you’ve just inspired me to go do it!

      • I image your Chinatown is much bigger and will provide many photos. Nathaniel and Chau said that Chinatown in Sydney is much bigger but Melbourne was still wonderful and gave Chau the opportunity to take me to a restaurant to try some of her favourites even though she loves to cook and has made some wonderful meals. I am being thoroughly spoilt!

      • Oh, nothing like really good Chinese, Lancer…very, very envious here!

  2. How wonderful to have your family, and especially your grand baby, with you! I hope you all have a wonderful visit!

  3. I really miss my grandchildren at Christmas – most of them live in Q’ld too, with one in northern NSW and one in Japan. They grow up so fast, and we miss much of that when they live far away. Enjoy!!!

    • Yes, it is hard. Better perhaps than when we were children now that we have computers and mobile phones but we do miss so much. Will you see any of yours this Christmas?

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