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Although the rabbits have trimmed my daisy bush there are still a few flowers left 🙂




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  1. Do you have a rabbit plague too?

    • Yes! At first it was cute. We’ve always had a few rabbits, then we started getting baby ones playing on the verandah but now they’re everywhere. And being so dry doesn’t hep as they’re eating all my plants. The strawberries last night and all the leaves from the potatoes.

  2. Happy the rabbits left you some, Lancer…they can devastate a garden in no time at all!

    • Yes! I’ve started chasing them from the back yard in the daytime but they feast at night. They even get up on their hind legs and take the unripe fruit from our small fruit trees. Perhaps by next year we’ll have fences around the orchard and back garden and we’ll have something left for us 🙂

      • Little by little, bit by bit, I suppose…I remember well how they used to destroy our gardens back when I had the farm. Pesky…and nasty!

      • Yes! And very deceiving with their cute cotton tails. I counted ten just out the back a few minutes ago.

      • Yikes, that a passel of bunnies…I wonder if there’s some kind of scarecrow you could invent? I do remember we used ‘dried blood’ from the garden store and sprinkled around the edges of our gardens to keep varmints like that out (they don’t like the odor)…and it is good for the soil. You might want to do some Googling, just to ensure you end up with veggies for the freezer!

      • That’s a great idea – you’ve reminded me that someone told me a few years ago that bunnies don’t like ‘blood and bone’ which sounds similar to your ‘dried blood’. I just spread the last of a bag on a new patch last week but will buy another when we go shopping and sprinkle it around the other gardens and the fruit trees. They’ve been standing on tippy-toe to reach the bottom branches!

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