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Just Ducky :)


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If you look closely you will see a family of baby ducklings hiding in the scrub at the front of our yard 🙂

We’ve had a busy few days showing our visitors around and catching up. Jackie loves to investigate and ‘help’ with everything so my computer time is limited but I will answer all the comments and do appreciate them!

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  2. Such a lovely little(?) family, Lancer!

    Sounds as if you’ve got quite the ‘little helper’, right?

    • I’m really enjoying watching the ducklings grow. The photo was taken about two weeks ago so they are much bigger already. Two days ago they all wandered up to our back door to sit in the shade but as soon as they sensed movement when I go up to get my camera they waddled off as quickly as their little legs would take them!
      My ‘little helper’ gets very excited when he sees the computer . . . perhaps a future blogger! And he loves books . . . but mostly to put in his mouth. Still, perhaps he will enjoy writing and reading one day like his Grandma 🙂

      • That’s so great to hear, Grandma Lancer! Today, my younger son would have been 43, had he not passed all those years ago. I was looking through my ‘family pix’ file, and found a Polaroid I took in 1975! It’s all crackled, so I’ve been working on retouching it…had hoped to have it done for today, but…it’s a lot of work that takes so much time. I’ll post it one day soon, as a ‘Retouch Tutorial’, perhaps….

      • Thinking of you today as I know it doesn’t get any easier. As for my parents, what could have and should have been is always there, even though they’ve made the best of their lives. I look forward to seeing the photo and I’m sure it will be a fitting tribute.

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