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Unfortunately, still no rain here so I was up early before it got too hot to bucket water onto as many plants as I could. Luckily, we have a dam and although it’s going down quickly, Rod can fill the tank above so we have water closer to the garden. Once again, rain is forecast for the end of the week. Once again, fingers crossed 🙂

Comments on: "Watering" (9)

  1. Hmmmm, must be time to hook the little red tank trailer up to the little grey tractor and cart
    some water. Christmas might be hot and dry for us this year :/

  2. We’ve had a couple of days of rain up here, which has been very welcome. Hope you get some soon – in moderation. 🙂

  3. Yay for creativity and ingenuity! I hope that you get rain very soon.

  4. Love your water tank, Lancer! Very smart and creative…and I do hope you get more rain this season, and not just quickly-drying showers! Can’t wait for your ‘cheers’!

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