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Soldiering On


Today’s prompt…

Amid all the modern Christmas toys, this old-style Toy Soldier stands guard at the entrance to the Myer toy section 🙂

My visitors have all arrived home safely; it’s always a relief to get those calls 🙂

I feel like I’ve already had my Christmas, being with all my children at the same time for the first time in over ten years but for the rest of the world there are still five more sleeps!

Comments on: "Soldiering On" (2)

  1. Huge, Lancer…and so wonderful in his attire! I’ll bet all the children just love him!?

    You were so blessed to have everyone there…an ‘early’ Christmas gift, and better than no gift at all, yes?

  2. Wouldn’t he look good in the corner of a child’s room? Or perhaps they would prefer something more ‘techno’ in this day and age! Yes, having them all here was the very best gift!

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