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This beautiful Fushia looks magnificent on Mum and Dad’s verandah 🙂

We’ve just seen film of the Boxing Day sales rush on television . . . after driving nearly 600kms yesterday, I’d rather be taking it easy here at home especially as we have a week of hot weather ahead and still no hint of rain. If you heard strange noises in the distance last night, it was me, zipping along in the Yellow Lancer, singing (screeching) at the top of my lungs to keep awake and no servos or McDonalds open on the back roads to stop for a break (and toilet!). I don’t like to stop at dark, gloomy public toilets at night on my own. I drove ‘the back way’ rather than through Melbourne, thinking it would be better with less traffic but although it was okay on the way to Pip’s house,  on the way home after dark those narrow, windy roads were not so attractive, and it seemed a lot of other drivers chose the same route, most driving a lot faster than me 😦

Please beam me there next time, Scotty . . .


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  1. Such a lovely, old-fashioned plant, Lancer…I think they are one of the most gorgeous when in bloom! I DO pray you get rain, soon, as I know how necessary it is for the gardens (and people, too!). Hoping your Christmas Day was wondrous, and please have a very Merry New Year…ALL of you!

    • Fushias don’t seem to be in ‘fashion’ at the moment but I love them in the older gardens. Quite a few years back I visited an elderly uncle who had built a greenhouse all along one wall of his house and filled it with so many different Fushias. I think of him every time I see them now.
      Sadly no rain on the horizon yet and lots of hot days but at least bucketing all the water to keep everything alive is giving me lots of exercise and working off a little of the Christmas over-indulgence!
      Christmas Day means too much driving with Rod in one direction visiting his family and me going to Pip’s and feeling guilty because I can’t be with the others, too, but lots of good memories. And, I DID have my very special Christmas-and-birthdays-all-rolled-into-one day with all the kids, partners, Jackie and Dad ten days earlier 🙂

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