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Swapping Cuttings

Red Geranium

Today’s prompt…

I love this Red Geranium 🙂  Two years ago I brought back two cuttings from Jess’ house and gave one to Dad. Last winter mine died in the frost so I’m just waiting for Dad’s to grow big enough for me to take a piece! And Dad and Jess were both eyeing off my latest plant when they were here before Christmas and putting in their orders for cuttings once it grows 🙂 Elijah and Pip both have geraniums in their gardens, too, and my Mother-in-Law often gives me cuttings.

And, of course, I often manage to sneak a geranium or two into my stories 🙂

You can never have too many Geraniums!

Comments on: "Swapping Cuttings" (2)

  1. They cheer us so, don’t they, Lancer? My Mother always planted red Geraniums, just a right as yours in the image…thanks for a good memory!

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