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A Beautiful Gift

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA  ??????????????????????

Today’s prompt…

As always we were given many wonderful gifts this Christmas including this very beautiful one from my daughter Jess and partner Jodi.

Fifty-five children wil be immunised from measles and given a better chance at life 🙂


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  1. Oh, Lancer…how very wonderful…and thoughtful a gift! How creative, and with so much more worth than anything ‘material’!

    Please forward New Year’s greetings from Chicago to all your beautiful children (and Jackie, even though he may not understand what it’s all about yet, a good air-kiss from Gran helps!) and may there be many blessings for you and Rod throughout the New Year, and many years to come! You are ‘marvelous people’…and it’s really too bad we are so far away from each other…but I am awfully glad to have found a new friend in you this past year!!!

    • Thank you. I will pass on your wishes…I’ve told them all about ‘my friend in Chicago’ (sounds like a good title for a story!). I am also very glad to have found you my friend and look forward to lots of wonderful posts, sharing and comments in 2013. Happy New Year. We’re already seen it in, gone to bed and woken to a new day but yours is still three hours away!

  2. Excellent card!!!

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