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A Prickly Subject


Today’s prompt…

Also on our drive a few days ago, we saw two Echidnas along the same track as the deer 🙂

Echidnas always bring a special memory for me . . . about twenty years ago we picked up my late Nan from the nursing home where she lived to take her for a drive on a sunny afternoon. Nan was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Along a bush track we saw an Echidna and stopped our Mitsubishi L300 van. Nan quickly opened the back sliding door and jumped out, calling to Nathaniel, Elijah, Jess and Pip to come and have a look. They were excited, of course, but I will never forget the look on Nan’s face . . . pure joy 🙂



Reindeer Retreat


Today”s prompt…

I think I may have discovered where Rudolph and crew ‘chill’ or should that be ‘warm’ out after the busy Christmas season 🙂 lol

They were a little shy and not willing to talk!


Competition Reminder

Don’t forget . . . entries for the January Mini-competition need to be posted by midnight tomorrow to be eligible 🙂

The word is RESOLUTION/S. For further details see  mini themes 2013  or email me at



Today’s prompt…

The area around Heathcote is known for its wines. Apparently, the soil and conditions are just right. There are many large scale vineyards and hundreds of smaller properties making their own vintage.

Beautiful Blue


Today’s prompt…

A beautiful view of Lake Eppalock on a lovely summer day here yesterday. Rod and I enjoyed a nice drive, exploring the area which we always love to do 🙂

Unfortunately, not so good for many Australians who are battling fires or floods. I hope the situation eases soon.



Today’s prompt…

I hope you can find some inspiration in this switch!

My thoughts today are with the people facing terrible floods. The heavy rain has moved down the east coast into NSW leaving terrible devastation everywhere and record floods. Please stay safe!



Today’s prompt…

Even on our very dry ‘lawn’ the Rosellas and Red-Rumped Parrots seem to find something to eat 🙂

Amazingly, although we haven’t had rain for weeks and only small amounts for months, my son Nathaniel in Gladstone QLD has had over 700mm in about four days! Earlier in the week he told me he’d been putting the sprinklers on around his unit because it was so dry and all the children in the neighbouring units were loving playing in the water! Now it looks like a lagoon.

And . . . as I was typing this, Nathaniel rang! Yesterday he said although it was very wet, they were okay but overnight they had a lot more rain and the road to work has been cut. The water is five metres over the dam wall and expected to go up to seven metres. But, the rain has stopped for now. Hopefully, there won’t be too much more!

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