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We Made It!

You Yang peak

Today’s prompt…

Climbing a mountain/hill/peak is a lot like writing a story…why did I ever start this? I’m never going to get there, I must be crazy!

But at the top (or end of story) you forget all that πŸ™‚ The flags were already there with notes attached asking people to leave them as they were part of a challenge and certainly added to the euphoric feeling of achievement. Flinder’s Peak is no Mt Everest but for this not-as-fit-as-she-used-to-beΒ writer it felt good to finally reach the top and reminded me that I could (and should) be a lot fitter in order to continue to enjoy climbs/walks/life for many years to come. A lot like the recent NaNoWriMo challenge…no more excuses; I can find a little more time each day to write!

There were many other walkers on the track that day and I loved the camaraderie from the fellow climbers going down, from the cheeky suggestions that we had only gone a fraction of the distance when we were actually close to the top to the encouraging it’s-not-far-nows. Going down was much easier πŸ™‚

Comments on: "We Made It!" (7)

  1. Good for you for making it to the top! It sounds like it was an exciting challenge. Good luck with getting more writing time in for 2013. That’s one that I need to do for myself, too!

    • I was a little daunted at the bottom, thinking it would really test my lack of fitness but pleasantly surprised that I made it to the top much easier than I thought I would. Visitors and Christmas (and mostly my very weak will-power) got in the way of my attempts to get back to a fitter, lighter, healthier self late last year but reaching the top re-inspired me and I know I can do all that too πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations, Lancer et al!!! 364 m (1,194 ft)…that’s quite a hike up! The countryside was stunning that day, seeing it in your photo when I zoomed in…quite a celebratory way to welcome in a New Year, I’d say! And couldn’t we all be a lot fitter…guess that would be some sort of New Year’s resolution, yes?

    • Definitely a good resolution for 2013! I’ve been allowing those extra kilos to keep creeping on for far too long and my fitness has really suffered. I was doing well through October and November but undid some of it in December. I’ll get back on track in January! The views were magnificent – 360 degrees from the top and a great feeling on getting there!

  3. Well done! And may your determination to keep at your writing be profitable in pleasure and satisfaction, if not financially.

    • Thank you! Financially would always be very welcome but I have learnt along the way that the satisfaction lasts long after the $s are spent πŸ™‚
      I hope your writing in 2013 is filled with inspiration and success!

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