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I am sure there are many people in Australia a little on edge today as the weather bureau forecasts extreme conditions, possibly the worst in 50 years. I hope we all stay safe and although it can be difficult not to worry, try to keep cool and think of favourite things…I love these pansies grown by my Mum and Dad πŸ™‚


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  1. I hope you and your family remain safe! The pansies are beautiful. I love pansies, but I can never manage to grow them. Each time I try, they end up getting eaten up by bugs. *sigh*

    • Pansies are always so ‘happy’! And, it’s catching! I’m going to plants some more after the heat although I fear the rabbits might help themselves 😦

  2. Nothing quite like pansies to cheer you through bad times, Lancer! Hope and pray you are ALL safe from harm!?!

    • Yes, pansies would make the worst grump smile πŸ™‚
      The temperature is rising here and it’s very windy but, so far, I haven’t heard of any bad fires. The fire authority website is down but I keep checking the news sites. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers…I’m sure they are helping.

      • If I could ‘make’ rain for you, I definitely would, Lancer! Though I had the farm so many years ago now, I still understand the need of water…for both human beings AND plants in the garden.

        Any wayward ‘spark’ can be so destructive in that type of weather…Leanne Cole (, near Melbourne, was shooting the Mitchelson Bay cycling in 105+ (F) heat! That type of heat is neither good for man nor beast!

  3. Beautiful flowers!!!

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