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While I was very relieved that yesterday’s weather conditions didn’t bring bushfires to my area or to the areas where members of my family live, the residents of Dunalley, Primrose Sands and Connellys Marsh in Tasmania have not been so lucky. Fires are raging there and many homes have been lost. Positive Words has several contributors and readers from the area and I can only hope they and their families and properties are safe.  In the latest issue (January), regular contributor Ruth Hayward has written of her home in Primrose Sands and how she enjoys a wonderful, peaceful life there. I hope you are okay, Ruth! I’m thinking of you and everyone else in the area, as I’m sure are all Positive Words readers!

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  1. So much devastation in Tassie – my sympathies go out to all those who have lost their homes and livlihoods.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you all over there, Lancer…to hear of this type of devastation is numbing. Poor people, losing everything but memories….

    • It’s so eerie here with warnings on the news constantly and, of course, film of the devastation. Since the Tasmanian fires there have been many more in Victoria, New South Wales and now Queensland. And all in areas where subscribers/readers/contributors live. In 2009, we had terrible fires including one a few kilometres from my old home. I remember the kind concern from many readers who took the time to contact me and now I hope those living near the current fires are all safe.

      • It is truly a sad situation, Lancer…and Leanne Cole in Melbourne states that the heat ‘up north’ is over 50 degrees Celsius!!! Glad to hear you’re safe for now, and hope this avoids your area!

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