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Overlooking Geelong from Flinder’s Peak in the You Yangs.

In my mid-teens (quite a few moons ago), my Mum bought me a copy of My Love Must Wait – the story of Matthew Flinders by Ernestine Hill. I loved it and still have it packed away in one of my boxes waiting until we get some shelves. I’m looking forward to reading it again especially to see if the peak, originally named Station Peak by Flinders, is mentioned. I think we had it much easier with well-made tracks and a couple of seats along the way 🙂

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  1. Beautiful photo, gorgeous day by the look of it too, a bit like Mt Ninderry Q, which we live on the slopes of- we are all so lucky to live in a beautiful place which makes our heart sing!! Great blog post, Sandra!!

    • Thanks, Julie! Perhaps one day I’ll get to Mt Ninderry, too 🙂 It was a perfect day, warm but not too hot, so we were lucky. And, of course, terrific company 🙂

  2. We lived in Geelong in 1988 for six months….. lovely place, lovely area!

  3. I used to own “My Love Must Wait”, and loved it too. My copy was in one of 13 boxes of books that were lost when I went to the NT in 1990. Other books I also lost then were the complete works of HG Wells & Nevil Shute, & countless others, including the books I had received as awards at high school. The last are of course irreplaceable and I still grieve for them!

  4. Gorgeous photo, Lancer…and I’m going to search out the book…it sounds very interesting!

  5. It had me totally captivated in my teens and I’m looking forward to re-reading it from a ‘grown-up’ view!

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