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My Mum made them when I was young. I made them when my kids were young and they’ve always been Pip’s favourites. We simply call them Chocolate Biscuits with peanuts on top 🙂 I made a batch to take to Pip last time I visited and, of course, he was thrilled.

Have you got a favourite recipe handed down through your family? I haven’t used this one in a story yet but I often have my characters making or eating my favourite recipes 🙂


Comments on: "Old Favourites" (7)

  1. Those look delightfully yummy!

  2. Ooooh…those look great, Lancer! Peanuts and chocolate are such a spectacular combo!

  3. Ooh, they look sooooo good. My mom makes what I call chocolate oatmeal cookies – some people call them no-bake cookies, and she makes them better than anyone! We’ve adapted her recipe and applied it to oatmeal, where we mix peanut butter and dark chocolate chips into our cooked oatmeal (with a tad of sugar). It’s like having those cookies for breakfast! Thanks for your post!

    • And, thank you, too! Your Mom’s no-bake cookies sound delicious and I must try your version with oatmeal one day. A nice decadent way to start the day 🙂

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