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Brave Blooms


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Despite attacks from cockatoos and rabbits, heat and less than half the average rainfall for the past three months . . . a couple of Agapanthus are flowering, although much smaller than usual 🙂

New South Wales is preparing for potentially the worst heat/fire conditions in history and parts of other states are also on alert. I hope everyone stays safe!

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  1. Though smaller, it still is very lovely, Lancer! I wish I knew how to speak ‘Rabbit’ or ‘Cockatoo’…I would send you a CD of nice little warnings in each language…perhaps then they’d stay away.

    Have you thought of attaching some aluminum foil to a line? Perhaps the shininess (changing with every breeze) would help ward them off? I suggest this, because I know birds and bunnies don’t like any sort of ‘quick movements’, and something fluttery and shiny may help?

    • Where is Dr Doolittle when we need him…perhaps he could talk to them? lol 🙂
      At my former home I used to hang old foil pie plates on string from the roof of my hen house to scare the crows from taking the eggs – it worked pretty well 🙂 I will try something similar closer to ground level!

  2. Sandra, I have been tagged by Pete Abela, author of Wings, in The Next Big Thing blog meme. For this, writers answer a series of questions about their work in progress. They then tag a few other people to carry on the meme.

    I will be posting my entry in a couple of days, and wondered if I could tag you to write about your next big theme. You can look at what Pete has written, and also backtrack to the person who tagged him to see the sorts of things they have written.

    If you agree, could you let me know asap, so that I can put my entry up with your name tagged? 
    All the very best with your writing,

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