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Happy Birthday Jasper!


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My Mini-Dachshund Jasper is 13 today! Although he’s going grey, he is going well for an older dog. He runs as fast as he did years ago, just shorter bursts 🙂  And . . . mention the F (food) word and Jasper would win any Doggy-Olympics race 🙂 Happy Birthday, Jasper!

Pet-owning writers love to write about their pets and over the years Positive Words has featured many poems and stories about dogs, cats and other favourites. Many were tributes to a loved family member who had passed, some told of heroic deeds and others about the eccentricities that brighten our days. Pet stories are always very popular as most fellow pet owners can identify with the sad, the glad and, sometimes, the bad! I hope today’s post inspired you to write about your pets, past or present and please send them in to share with Positive Words readers. Submissions are always welcome and each published contributor receives a complimentary copy of the issue but submissions MUST be in hard copy first, with email copies requested on acceptance for longer pieces. Post to The Editor – Positive Words magazine, Sandra James, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.



Comments on: "Happy Birthday Jasper!" (2)

  1. Oh, Happy Birthday to Jasper! 13 is awfully old, isn’t it, Lancer? It’s ’91’ in human years, so I’m surprised he’s still so spry!!!

    BTW, I visited our Chinatown here in Chicago this afternoon…photos will be forthcoming, perhaps even by tomorrow!

  2. Yay! Happy birthday to your spritely Jasper!

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