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Hare Raising!


Today’s prompt…

Often when I’m getting water from the dam this hare pops out of the undergrowth . . . I’m not sure who gets the biggest fright!

Comments on: "Hare Raising!" (6)

  1. As hares are not indigenous to Australia, I assume they are like rabbits… not really accepted?

  2. I hope he’s not running away because he’s behind in his rent? Or…because he knows he could become ‘stew’ very quickly?

    Nice capture, Lancer…a difficult one to get, I’m certain!

  3. I believe it to be a wonderful sign to release any fears.
    Very exciting when an animal comes in to give us a message

    • Thank you – I hadn’t heard that before but will remember it every time I see a hare in the yard from now on 🙂

      • Hello Yellowlancer,
        yes I believe if you are continuing to see a particular animal or bird, that you are being given a special message relating to the spiritual meaning of it. They are a great help to us when we notice them.

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