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I said lots of C’mons in the direction of the television last night and Pip and I swapped quite a few via sms but, unfortunately, it wasn’t Lleyton’s night.

I’ve adopted the C’mon for use when I’m feeling down or need a kick in the pants and find it really helps 🙂 Thanks Lleyton!

Lleyton Hewitt is one of my sporting heroes . . . who do you admire?

And . . . a little known fact . . . I used to play tennis when I was a teenager. Kooyong and Wimbledon were never in any danger of seeing me on court but I did enjoy it. And, I sewed my own tennis dress in sewing class at school. White, princess line with red ric-rac trim 🙂 (Does anyone else remember ric-rac? ) Oh, and although my tennis skills left much to be desired, I did get an A+ for my sewing 🙂

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  1. Yay for mad sewing skills!! I’ve always wanted to teach myself how to sew, but I remain staunchly afraid of the machine. It’s the needle and the way it zips in and out of the material. I keep thinking I’ll catch my fingers in there. >.O

    I also remember ric-rac!

  2. Such a bummer that he lost! There’s always next year :]

    • Yes 🙂 I’m sure he’ll be back. I’ll be devasted when he retires…hope it’s still a way off! Magazines keep telling us it’s any day now and Bec is waiting but they seem pretty relaxed and content to me! He does make a great commentator when he’s done a guest spot so I hope he eventually replaces some of the more annoying ones 🙂

  3. Love tennis and ric-rac! My husband and I took our daughter to the Brisbane International tennis and we had a great time. Got to see Andy Murray play so that was the highlight of our day.

  4. Ah, ric-rac! How my Mother loved it, even to the point of making her own clip-on ‘flowery’ earrings with bunched-up ric-rac and a gemstone at the center! Thanks for bringing back a great memory, Lancer!

    As for tennis…I know how to play, and played very well and regularly–until someone broke into my car one night and stole my 25 yr old racket which I had received as an eighth grade graduation gift! Haven’t played since 1984, and couldn’t imagine getting out there these days…I’d rather do walkabouts and take photos, anyway!

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