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Bearing Fruit


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All our watering is starting to bear fruit with some Tiny Toms almost ready 🙂




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  1. Picked straight from the bush. Mouth-watering!

    • Yes, and they are all self-sown 🙂 I bought some plants years ago and fed the surplus to the chooks. When I spread their manure on the garden I got lots of little plants and they keep coming every year, even after I moved here (and brought up bags of manure to start the garden). That original punnet of plants has certainly proven to be very economical!

  2. My sister gave us some beautiful little tomatoes – they are wonderful and take me back to my childhood, when I ate tomatoes like apples 🙂

    • I didn’t eat tomatoes when I was young! Tomato soup, sauce, chutney etc were fine but I didn’t like them raw until I was in my mid-thirties. My Mum used to put a piece on my plate when we had salad and always told me I had to eat it because ‘one day I might like it’ 😦 It didn’t work with beetroot or pears but eventually I realised I actually like tomatoes! My daughter is 29 and doesn’t eat them either. I keep telling her that could change in a few years 🙂

  3. Oh, Lancer…they look so wonderful! The entire garden looks fantastic, and I love the straw much…protecting AND enriching the soil at the same time! Your hard work (yours AND Rod’s) looks as if it will pay off very soon, when you both sit down to much a sun-ripened tomato! Kudos!!!

    • We’ve been through two big round bales of straw in three years as well as some mulch we made using the chipper and lots of manure. It really helps 🙂 Since I took the photo last weekend, I’ve picked a bowlful already and now they’ve started I think we’ll have a continuous supply for a couple of months. Amazingly, the rabbits haven’t discovered them yet although they nibble at the potato plants right beside them. I’ve been sprinkling lots of blood and bone around and it has slowed them down!

      • Good for you! Pesky rabbits can really destroy everything, and very quickly!

        Congrats on the first tomatoes (as I sit here in Chicago’s nasty winter, with not even a snowflake in sight)!!!

  4. Philomena Essex said:

    I haven’t planted any tomatoes this year as there is some sort of blight attacking tomato plants in Tassie at the moment. I have, however, planted some potatoes. These are in the bed that housed last years tomatoes. To our surprise we now have potato plant bearing trusses of small tomatoes growing on our potato plants. We have asked others about this and have been assured that since they are of the same family this is not a rare occurrence. if we ignore the tomatoes growing on the top we should still be able to harvest the potatoes beneath. Who would have thought!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Philomena, that’s interesting. I’ve had those little trusses on potato plants before at my former home but didn’t know what they were. It must have been because I had tomatoes growing in the beds before them, too. There aren’t any on this year’s plants but it’s a new bed I dug in the paddock. Most of my tomato plants were self-sown as I spread chook manure on the soil before planting the potatoes and the chooks got plenty of tomato scraps last season. Disappointing to hear you have ablight attacking Tassie tomatoes ~ home-grown are so much nicer! I hope you get lots of potatoes 🙂

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