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The tops of our potatoes are looking good, too. Hopefully, there will be lots of bounty beneath the soil and mulch. Mashed, baked, chipped or fried; I’m sure we’ll try them all 🙂

Writing prompts are like that . . . you can try them in all different ways 🙂



Comments on: "Mashed, baked, chipped, fried…" (6)

  1. It’s so true about writing prompts! In my case, though, they are often my worst enemies. I look at them, and my mind immediately goes blank. Argh!

    Your potato plants look amazing!!

    • I’m really looking forward to harvesting the potatoes although last year they were looking good on top but there weren’t very many underneath.
      Whenever I go to a writing group and we are given a prompt, my mind goes blank, too! I’m usually the last person to start writing 😦

      • You know, it makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one plagued by the “blank mind” thing with writing prompts. I’ve always thought I was a weirdo or something — ha, ha!

  2. Oh, Lancer, they look splendidly healthy! Too bad my own writing grows a lot slower than a new potato!

    • We’ve bucketed a lot of water onto them and I’m hoping they yield bucketfuls!
      2012 was a very slow year for my writing (except for my November effort) and I’m hoping this year will see a big improvement.

      • Wondering…do you carry a little notepad with you (and a pen or pencil)? I get ideas all the time, and always have something to write them down on…wishing I could get a digital recorder, so much simpler!

        Whatever, KEEP GOING! 2013 is a year for all sorts of new opportunities (at least, in my opinion!).

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