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Not my favourite appliance 😦  but I did meet one woman a few years ago who said she used ironing time to think up story plots or poems. I’m afraid mine would be very dark and gloomy!

I mostly use my iron for smoothing out fabric for patchwork but my grandmother used to even iron her sheets. Many things were starched, then sprinkled with a few drops of water to create steam. I still have her flat iron and a tiny child’s size one and was always thrilled when I was very young to be allowed to use them after the main ironing had been done, to iron the handkerchiefs. Although my Mum never ironed sheets, her ironing was always perfect too, unlike mine which is more like iron-out-two-creases-iron-a-new-one-in! When my children were young and Mum came to visit she would often ask Anything I can do to help? Any ironing?   Gladly 🙂


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  1. you iron like me–especially men’s shirts–so much bigger and more room to make a mistake–so glad my husband can iron–but like you when I was little I liked to iron hankies and pillowcases

  2. I loathe ironing so I don’t iron, but I like the idea of it!

  3. When I worked in remote areas of the N.T., I didn’t iron at all; I just made sure I folded the clothing neatly straight off the line. Now, back in civilisation, I have to iron again. I let my thought wander when I do it; it can be quite productive for writing ideas.
    When my husband (we married well after I left the NT) stopped work, he insisted on helping me with the ironing. He is great with button-up shirts but hopeless with anything else. It’s the shirts I dislike the most, so we get the ironing done pleasantly. 🙂

  4. Quite a wonderful short story, Lancer! I appreciate it so, because I also began ‘ironing’ doing my father’s handkerchieves–and EVERY man and woman carried a handkerchief back then! I have recently begun ironing again, as I have several older cotton shirts which need it; also because I finally finished repairing my grandma’s crocheted table cloth which I was given almost 53 years ago for my 8th grade graduation. It’s quite large, and took almost a full hour to get each floret smoothed properly…and I still have to re-iron, using spray starch! I’ll be posting about it soon, watch for it…as your own crocheted cloth gave me the impetus to do the many, many repairs! Thanks so!

  5. Oh gosh, I hate ironing! I’m terrible at it; I tend to iron extra wrinkles into whatever I’m trying to fix. My mom always swore I did it on purpose, but I really didn’t. She, of course, loves to iron. Yikes — talk about pressure. o.o

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