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Even on our very dry ‘lawn’ the Rosellas and Red-Rumped Parrots seem to find something to eat 🙂

Amazingly, although we haven’t had rain for weeks and only small amounts for months, my son Nathaniel in Gladstone QLD has had over 700mm in about four days! Earlier in the week he told me he’d been putting the sprinklers on around his unit because it was so dry and all the children in the neighbouring units were loving playing in the water! Now it looks like a lagoon.

And . . . as I was typing this, Nathaniel rang! Yesterday he said although it was very wet, they were okay but overnight they had a lot more rain and the road to work has been cut. The water is five metres over the dam wall and expected to go up to seven metres. But, the rain has stopped for now. Hopefully, there won’t be too much more!

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  1. Such heavy rain is always somewhat scary. Hope all stays well for Nathaniel. Three of my 5 sons live in S-E Q’land and one in N-E NSW and they’ve been copping the rain too – though not as heavy as Gladstone@ :-0. Meanwhile, my eldest son, in Japan, is trying to keep his family warm in 6-7 deg.C day temps. They are looking forward to spring in Japan, and I think we are looking forward to autumn.
    Hope you get some of this rain that we are now getting down your way. The lorikeets are sheltering from it on our verandah. 🙂

    • It looks like your sons in QLD and NSW are copping it badly now – I hope they are all okay. Yes, I think Autumn and Spring will be extra welcome all over the world this year! At least here it is much cooler now and the forecast for the next seven days, although not much chance of rain, will stay cooler 🙂

  2. In my prayers, I have prayed for rain in only Australia, Lancer…guess I need to be more specific re: the southern region, in particular–Victoria, huh? I just Google-mapped Queensland…Nathaniel is really far away from you…quite a drive! Hope all are safe, and that you and Rod are keeping as cool and hydrated as possible?!?

    • Thank you – phone connections are cut to Gladstone at the moment but the rain has eased there for the moment. It will take a long time for the water to recede, especially as it drains down from inland. Unfortunately, the rain has continued down the coast and is devastating.
      Today I am very grateful for my dry home. We still have enough water in our tanks and dam for watering and the forecast for the next week is for much cooler conditions, so we are very lucky. I’ve been complaining so much about no rain here but really feel for those affected. Nathaniel is safe but there are many people being evacuated, homes flooded completely etc. Floods, fires, drought or freezing cold – the elements certainly are extreme.

      • Extreme is the ONLY word for it, I guess, Lancer. Happy to know Nathaniel et al are safe…what a horrible situation! I know you are waiting patiently for a bit of ‘cool’, and it’s so great you have the dam…at least your crops will not be burned out! Smart planning there!

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