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A section of our driveway just a few minutes after the downpour, with two kangaroos watching on. I wondered if I would be able to use the road yesterday but the water had all drained away {into the dam :)} and, amazingly, there was even dust rising from this section after very strong wind all morning! More warm days forecast, so I’ll be back to watering but at least everything got a good deep soaking.

I’ve had so many messages from friends in other parts of the country after posting the photo of our overflowing tank…many who missed the rain and are waiting with dry yards and tanks, and others who’ve been experiencing terrible floods. I hope those who need rain get some very soon and that autumn brings an end to the wet season for others.

Our tank runneth over!


Today’s prompt…

Just an hour before I took this photo, I told Rod who was working in rain in Melbourne that I didn’t think we were going to get much until later in the night when  large band of cloud moved over from South Australia! But what would I know?

Half an hour before this shot, I noticed very dark clouds approaching and re-assessed my prediction. I fed the dogs and chooks and brought Bailey in from his outside cubby (the one in the photo). Then, as the thunder started and first drops fell, I took a few couple of photos of the dam, thinking we might get enough overnight to raise the level a couple of inches.

We got 21mm in about twenty minutes. The inlet for the tank couldn’t cope with the rush and it poured over the side (but the tank is almost full again). And the dam? After the initial downpour, light/steady rain continued and the dam level went up well over a metre in a couple of hours. None of the damage as so many have in other areas, just an incredible experience, lots of great photos and no more watering for a few days 🙂 And . . . I am very grateful!

Our power went out for three hours after that but a small price to pay 🙂


December 2012 Mini-competition results

Fifteen-year-old Chloe Robinett is the winner of the December Mini-competition. Congratulations Chloe!

The standard of entries was very high with a huge variety of interpretations, making for some great reading.

Results can be found here: Positive Words December 2012 Mini

Chloe’s winning story will be published in the April issue. If you would like a copy of the April issue of Positive Words magazine please send $5.50 (unused stamps, cheque, money order) or contact me for direct deposit details (

And . . . entries for the February Mini-competition need to be posted by midnight tomorrow (your timezone). The word for the month is FREE. mini themes 2013



One of my favourite Geraniums 🙂 Our internet is acting up again so this one comes via my phone. Apologies to all who think I have been neglecting their blogs; I will catch up!

High on a Hill


Today’s prompt…

I think it took a lot of hard work to get this tank up so high! We spotted it on the road to Maryborough.

Here our tanks are replenishing quickly as steady rain continues 🙂

Going Green


Today’s prompt…

Unfortunately, for some parts of our country, rain and storms are causing serious problems but for us the very welcome rain last week after weeks of dry has brought life back to the lawn I feared might not survive this summer. I’m amazed at how quickly the green appeared and we have more rain forecast this week, so perhaps by next week our whole back yard will be green 🙂


Our internet seems to be acting up today although it’s working on my phone. A good time to try my first phone post 🙂 and a perfect prompt – GLITCHES – I’m sure you can think of a few!

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