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Ant’s Nest


Today’s prompt…

Ouch! In my eagerness to capture a photo on my way over I stepped closer to the fence and right on top of this ant’s nest 😦




Comments on: "Ant’s Nest" (4)

  1. Ouch! I hope you didn’t get too many stings. >.O

    • Fortunately, they weren’t the kind that sting hard and leave big welts but I sure got a fright and moved away VERY quickly!

      • Oh gosh! I imagine so!! I’m happy they weren’t the super-stinging kind. Every time someone tells me they stepped in an ant bed, my first thought is of the fire ants that I grew up around. Now, those were angry, angry ants!

  2. Yikes, Lancer, they’re everywhere! I’ve known these to be very ferocious, and am thankful to say they don’t seem to like my neighborhood here in Chicago…only small red ants, with their little ‘sand piles’!

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