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Baa Baa


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I found this flock peacefully grazing at Tintinara 🙂


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  1. At one time, it was rare to see black sheep. They were literally weeded out in order to keep the wool clip white.
    However, about the sixties or seventies, natural fibres and old methods of spinning and weaving made a comeback (the hippie era). Since then, ome graziers, and many hobby farmers have kept the black, brown and other-than-white lambs.
    In their natural colours they make beautiful jumpers and caps, rugs, wall hangings and the like. My husband’s first wife spun and knitted her own wool, and he still has a couple of her very warm woollen jumpers. Trouble is, we live in a place now where he doesn’t need them. 🙂
    It is lovely to see such beautiful, pure black sheep. Glad you posted. 🙂

  2. Shearing this little flock would probably result only in steel wool!

  3. Gorgeous sheep, Lancer, and they seem to be roaming freely. Also, I see the same artist has ‘decorated’ the buildings, very nicely, too!

    I’ll research ‘Tintinara’, as it seems to be some sort of ‘tourist attraction’…I love learning about AU!

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