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The Good Life


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They eat our potatoes, rhubarb, geraniums, succulents, strawberries and pretty much anything else we try to grow, ring-bark our fruit trees and stand on tippy-toe to take all the bottom leaves and branches . . . then relax in the shade of our water tank in the heat of the afternoon. Oh yes, they look cute but these days my sympathy definitely lies with Mr McGregor rather than little Peter Rabbit!



Comments on: "The Good Life" (3)

  1. They are pretty cute, though … (Spoken, of course, like someone who doesn’t have a garden. =P)

  2. I agree – they are in plague proportions here!

  3. “Vewy wascally wabbits!”, said the Australian version of Elmer Fudd!

    They certainly damage everything, as if it was as a ‘buffet table’ loaded with goodies just for their chomping pleasure, Lancer! Cute? Not so much…and very destructive cousins of rodents in my book! Nice photo, though…they don’t seem to shy from the camera at all, do they? Perhaps because they’re so ‘stuffed’?!?

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