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A Relaxing Bath


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I imagine, in its day, this bathroom was the height of luxury. It is part of a small museum/display at Inglewood.


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  1. It would probably be the height of luxury to someone out there somewhere now too – as long as there was water too! 🙂

    • Yes, we had a very primitive bathroom for two years after we moved here just over three years ago while the house was being built. It could have been a lot worse! At the time we just accepted it but I definitely wouldn’t want to go back 😦

  2. I had a bath a week ago, went all out with the smelly bath salts and pampering products. The next morning when I went to brush my teeth there was an absolutely massive huntsman sitting in the bathtub 😦 No more baths for me!

    • When we had our outside/tin shed bathroom while the house was being built we often had spiders of all sizes and a few times I had a huge blue-tongue lizard crawling around while I showered. We used one of those children’s clam-shell sand-pits as our shower base, so I was glad we had sides 🙂

  3. A bit primitive, but not too far from what we had when we first moved to our little farm in 1972, Lancer…including the plank floor! Hired a plumber, who ripped out everything, redid all the pipes and connections, and I replaced the floor…my first remodeling project!

    • Well done! For us it is actually better than the little tin shed we used for two years after moving here and waiting for the house to be built. Very cold in winter, hot in summer but at least we could shower. Our builders were VERY slow but at least the quality is good and it has made us appreciate our ‘real’ bathroom so much more! I’ve turned it into a gardening/potting shed now 🙂

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