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In the beautiful gardens near the Maryborough Information Centre 🙂


Comments on: "Hibiscus" (7)

  1. Don’t you just love them, Lancer? For some reason, the hibiscus inspires me (don’t know how else to say it), perhaps because they are somewhat fleeting. When caught at the perfect time (as you did here) they offer an elegant cheer, that soft kind of cheer that gently pushes one forward..then you return the next day, and they look ‘depressed’, and worse the day after that. But, at their moment of perfection, they are so glorious!

    • I always think of them as exotic, perhaps because we see them in tropical locations beneath cloudless blue skies and adorning the hair of happy islanders. This one was at the top of the bush with quite a few ‘past-their-prime’ specimens lower down. Luckily Rod is taller and managed to capture the best bloom 🙂

      • Actually, a few people in my neighborhood (with its cold/damp winters!) have huge hibiscus trees growing in their yards! Somehow, they’ve acclimated quite well, and it’s always a pleasure to photograph them during the summer. BTW, thank you, Rod!

  2. So pretty! I love how it almost looks like a little sun — although not the right color. LOL

    • I’ve seen them in brilliant reds and oranges and I think I might try and grow one. I know they would love the heat here in summer but not so sure how they’d go in the winter frost. I’ll do some research 🙂

  3. I spread my petals of love
    Sunning myself while awaiting your arrival
    Where are you buzzing, my Love

    Hope you don’t mind me posting it here – that prompt > well, it prompted me 🙂

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