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I wonder…


…if they’ve been lucky.  This very well-fenced yard and the obvious intense operation inside means someone is hoping for a big find!

We had a very welcome stranger here last night . . . RAIN! I emptied 22mm from the rain gauge this morning and our little space is wonderfully fresh and bright 🙂

Unfortunately, residents on the north coast of NSW are being deluged. I hope you are all safe!

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  1. More gold, perhaps? Or silver? Whatever, it’s a well-done sign which looks as if it ‘means business’!

    Happy to hear of your rain, though I got out the calculator to figure the equivalent in inches, Lancer–.86614 inches, a bit over three-quarters of an inch…not too shabby, but I know you all need so much more! Still praying, as Autumn comes to you next Friday, which I hope will bring some cool, rainy weather to undo the ‘parch’!

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