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Going Green


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Unfortunately, for some parts of our country, rain and storms are causing serious problems but for us the very welcome rain last week after weeks of dry has brought life back to the lawn I feared might not survive this summer. I’m amazed at how quickly the green appeared and we have more rain forecast this week, so perhaps by next week our whole back yard will be green 🙂


Comments on: "Going Green" (1)

  1. Marvelous image, Lancer…and so glad you’ll be getting more rain! Those little bits of green will certainly multiply quickly…perhaps a photo each day for a week would be nice (of the same spot!).

    WE are supposed to ‘get blasted’ by another snowstorm tomorrow…the last ‘blast’ brought only two and half inches of snow, which began melting in a few hours. Those weather people sure get ‘crazy’ about the smallest weather change!

    I keep saying to myself, “It’s winter, you fools! It’s supposed to snow, at least once a week!”.

    They act as if every system that comes in will be a ‘big threat’…how silly!

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