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Our tank runneth over!


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Just an hour before I took this photo, I told Rod who was working in rain in Melbourne that I didn’t think we were going to get much until later in the night when  large band of cloud moved over from South Australia! But what would I know?

Half an hour before this shot, I noticed very dark clouds approaching and re-assessed my prediction. I fed the dogs and chooks and brought Bailey in from his outside cubby (the one in the photo). Then, as the thunder started and first drops fell, I took a few couple of photos of the dam, thinking we might get enough overnight to raise the level a couple of inches.

We got 21mm in about twenty minutes. The inlet for the tank couldn’t cope with the rush and it poured over the side (but the tank is almost full again). And the dam? After the initial downpour, light/steady rain continued and the dam level went up well over a metre in a couple of hours. None of the damage as so many have in other areas, just an incredible experience, lots of great photos and no more watering for a few days 🙂 And . . . I am very grateful!

Our power went out for three hours after that but a small price to pay 🙂


Comments on: "Our tank runneth over!" (3)

  1. What a relief to hear rain on the roof and the sound of the tank overflowing! A nice early ‘autumn break’. Hope the steady rain continues. Not a great deal down here, yet.

  2. Our tank runneth dry!

  3. Fantastic, Lancer! The land is refreshed, just in time for harvest!

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