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A section of our driveway just a few minutes after the downpour, with two kangaroos watching on. I wondered if I would be able to use the road yesterday but the water had all drained away {into the dam :)} and, amazingly, there was even dust rising from this section after very strong wind all morning! More warm days forecast, so I’ll be back to watering but at least everything got a good deep soaking.

I’ve had so many messages from friends in other parts of the country after posting the photo of our overflowing tank…many who missed the rain and are waiting with dry yards and tanks, and others who’ve been experiencing terrible floods. I hope those who need rain get some very soon and that autumn brings an end to the wet season for others.

Comments on: "Awash!" (3)

  1. Wonderful! It is raining heavily again here as I type – north of Sydney.

  2. Kangaroos!! Love them. Glad to hear you guys got some rain.

  3. Oh, that looks luscious, Lancer! A really good soaking, and even the ‘roos come back to life!

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