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Easter Parade


We enjoyed the Easter Parade at Bendigo again this year. I love the atmosphere – the sights, the sounds and even the smell of gunpowder in the air 🙂

This is Sun Loong, the longest Imperial Dragon in the Southern Hemisphere.



This rabbit was one of the many exhibits in the Scarecrow competition at the Rushworth Easter Festival yesterday 🙂


School Days


I took this photo of Coburg Primary School from the bus a couple of weeks ago. What a beautiful building!


Happy Easter!


Happy Easter Everyone!  And, thank you for all your views, kind comments and support over the past year – I’m a bit late, the blog started one year and three days ago!

I think I’m on the Easter Bunny’s black list after all my complaints about the local bunnies destroying our garden but at least we can enjoy a Hot Cross Bun for breakfast 🙂

Free meals!


After attacks from the heat & dry, rabbits and cockatoos . . . my garden is looking a lot better since the recent rain (and some more last night :)) but I found this unwelcome visitor enjoying a feast 😦

I fed him/her to the chooks!

Lately I haven’t been reading as many of my fellow bloggers wonderful posts as I would like, due in part to ‘busyness’ in so many areas and being too tired by the end of day but also, our low-signal internet sometimes struggles to receive all the photos etc  in my list of watched favourites. It seems worse since the reader changed a couple of months ago. Very frustrating but I will persevere 🙂

Stamping Ground


I love these new stamps 🙂 The Mini-Dachshund looks a lot like my Jasper when he was a bit younger (he’s gone a little grey now), and the Cavalier King Charles could easily pass for Clyde, one of my daughter’s dogs 🙂 And, of course, the Pug, Australian Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer are gorgeous, too! I think stamps look so much better than ‘Post Paid’ in the corner.

I’ve collected stamps since I was very young, for fun rather than seriously, although my late brother and I watched like hawks when Mum shared out the latest offerings. Mum would carefully clip stamps from the envelopes and save them until she had a pile in the drawer (or we nagged until she gave up!). She tried to divide them evenly but toward the end of the pile there were always a few odd ones . . . the bargaining that went on over who should have which one would have rivalled the most ruthless boardroom negotiations! Poor Mum 😦  I’m going to put together an album for Jackie for when he’s older; living so far away I hope he’ll enjoy getting letters from Grandma and not just emails.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who send me used stamps. And, to those who include a couple of extra new stamps which their submissions ‘to help you with all that postage’; I do appreciate it.

Competition entries, single issues and subscriptions can all be paid with unused stamps – it’s much cheaper and easier than money orders and many people don’t have cheque books.

Hopefully, when I go to the PO Box later today, I’ll find a big pile of mail all decorated with pretty stamps 🙂

Family Matters


Our chickens are growing quickly and have moved into new digs. I bought this cage on ebay and we collected it from nearby Bendigo. We don’t have a lot of grass but, hopefully, they will benefit from the addition to their diet and in return will fertilise and improve our lawn 🙂

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