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We spotted some wonderful old advertising signs on a shop window in Dunolly a couple of weeks ago. Seeing that Lan-choo tea packet reminds me of my Nan’s kitchen and the coupons on the end of the packet. Nan saved them and I think her church ladies’ group sent them away to buy things for missionaries. I still love ‘real’ tea rather than tea bags 🙂


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  1. “Real’ tea tastes better, at least I thinks so, Lancer…or is it just my imagination?

  2. Oh yes, it tastes much better! Over the years I’ve often noticed that tea bags stain the cups badly while tea made from loose leaves doesn’t. Makes me wonder what they put in the bags and when I opened one before adding it to my compost it was a sort of thick gluggy mix. I guess I always assumed the bags simply contained regular loose leaves but perhaps they mush them up to make them more ‘instant’. I do use bags for convenience sometimes but I love my old tea pot. My late Nan gave it to me more than thirty years ago!

  3. Tony Peters said:

    I recently came across a box where I stored the end of the loose leaf tea box labels. My dad always drank Lan Choo tea.
    Now I am wondering if I can still send these off to claim a gift as stated on the label. I googled 152 Founders lane but I think Lan Choo have moved on from there.
    Can anyone answer this query?

    • I remember when I was a little girl, my Nan saved those box ends along with the other ladies in her church group and they would get things to send to missionaries.

      Good luck in finding the company 🙂

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