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Just a little peep


I wonder who lived here long ago . . .

Who built it? Did the laughter of children echo across the paddocks, and where are their descendants now?

If only I could peep into one of those windows and catch a glimpse . . .

Comments on: "Just a little peep" (11)

  1. Hello, Where did you take this picture? Interesting looking house.

    Kind Regards,

    Sonja Ciberlin

    • Hi Sonja, I took this photo just out of Maryborough a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it does look interesting and I’m sure most people driving past would love to look inside. There is another very similar one not far from here at Costerfield, surrounded by No Trespassing signs šŸ˜¦ I’d just like to peep…not do any harm!

  2. Lovely, lovely thoughts!

  3. Whenever I see an old place like this, I wonder who lived there and what their lives were like. The same with grave stones. It’s the people who mattered …

  4. I also ask the same questions when seeing abandoned places such as this one, Lancer. Love the fact this house had TWO fireplaces, and a shaded porch…I can picture them sitting in rockers on that porch at the end of the day…wondering what tomorrow’s weather will be…and when the cow will calf.

  5. They might of been inside. You should of knocked.

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