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Stop! Editor at work!


I’m sure most of us hate stopping for roadwork . . . but we also get annoyed at bumpy roads and potholes.

Perhaps roadwork is the equivalent of editing our stories and poems. It can be a pain but is also very necessary. Last week I condensed a short story down from 1300+ words to just under 1000 to suit a competition.  I’m not sure whether I’ve smoothed out the bumps and made it better or if it needs a complete overhaul; time will tell.

I wonder if I could get a sign saying ‘Editing Hazard Ahead’?  🙂


Comments on: "Stop! Editor at work!" (10)

  1. The ‘stop’ sign can also mean an issue in life that has to be resolved or something that has to be done before we can get back to our writing. There seem to be too many of that kind in my life!

    • Oh yes! I seem to be saying ‘once I get this sorted’ all too often but even when some issues are resolved it can be really hard to get back to the writing or editing an dthe longer we are away from it the harder it gets 😦

  2. Ha!! I need one of those signs, too. Editing has become the bane of my existence.

    • I actually enjoy the process/challenge of editing my own work when I have time and no distractions. I used to hate it.

      • I’m just the opposite. I used to love it. Then, I wrote a book and sat down to edit the first draft of it. I felt so overwhelmed and lost … and I’ve kind of had an editing block ever since. I don’t feel daunted with shorter works, but with something that long, I did. I think I need to give it another go, though. Just force myself to try it, no matter how scary it seems.

  3. Love the analogy here, Lancer!

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