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I picked up the March issue from the printer last Friday and all subscriber/contributor copies were mailed over the weekend or early this week 🙂

If anyone else would like a copy, I have more . . . send $5.50 (cheque, money order or unused stamps) to Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia or contact me if you prefer direct deposit. Overseas buyers can contact me on 🙂  {or if you would like sample/back copies they are available by sending $2.40 in unused stamps for one issue, or a $6.00 book of stamps for three issues}

As always, the March issue is filled with great stories, poems and articles and I’ve already had feedback from one reader who particularly enjoyed one story. I love it when readers take the time to compliment their fellow writers’ work and I’m the lucky one who gets to pass on the good news 🙂 There’s nothing like that feeling when someone unexpectedly says they liked your story or poem . . . so if you’ve enjoyed something you’ve read in Positive Words, let me know and I’ll tell the writer!

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