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Peeping Tom?


Ever get that feeling you’re being watched?

Comments on: "Peeping Tom?" (5)

  1. Most adorable peeping tom ever! (Although, considering how big they are, I can imagine it would be a bit scary to see the shadow of one of these guys hanging around outside your window near dusk or at night. Yikes!)

    • Yes 🙂 This one is only a medium-sized one and they look very gentle lazing on the verandah but often there are a few very big males in the yard and I always make sure I keep a safe distance and never get between them and the females or joeys. They look a bit intimidating but usually casually hop away and it’s amazing to see them jump the fences so easily 🙂

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  3. Tom…or Tina? What a truly wonderful capture, Lancer! “‘Roos on Zoos” are all I’ve ever must be very entertaining to watch these ‘wild guys’, because those in zoos are so complacent, and never seem to do very much of anything.

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