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To Market…To Market


Alas . . . yesterday wasn’t the day I made my fortune but although it was a bit too hot, we had a fun day at the Redesdale Bush Market.

We first had a stall at the annual market about eighteen months ago when it was held in spring. It was so windy (and cold) we spent most of the day picking our things up time and time again after they blew off the tables but the market had a great atmosphere, a really lovely lady organising it and Redesdale isn’t far from Heathcote so we looked forward to going again. The date was changed to the Labour Day weekend, hoping for better weather but last year I was in Queensland for Nathaniel’s wedding.

I didn’t manage to finish a second large quilt but I did have a pile of cute doll’s quilts and a shabby-chic, recycled denim one, copies of Positive Words, plenty of plants and lots of booties. My friends and family rarely see me without a pair of knitting needles close by and I expect my epitaph will read something like just wait ‘til I finish the row! I started going to markets more than thirty years ago and made many friends among the stallholders and customers at my old home. It was a big help when I found myself raising my four kids alone (and after they grew up it helped to raise the funds for the first copies of Positive Words!) but I haven’t had stalls at many markets since meeting Rod and moving to Heathcote although we’ve browsed around quite a few.

No new subscribers for PW L but, as always, we met some nice people (including a lady with a one-eyed Dachshund) and sold a few plants (the ones that survived the heat and rabbits of recent weeks!), booties and odds and ends. Retirement is a little way off yet but at least I still have plenty of stock left for my next venture 🙂

And . . . if anyone would like some booties (pastels, brights, football colours etc) . . .send me a book of stamps ($6) and I’ll post you two pairs 🙂


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  1. Christine Johnson said:

    Great to read about your market experience. I’m a market fanatic. We do our weekly shop at a local farmers market where many of the stall holders have become good friends. After months on IVF one of a pair of sisters has finally fallen pregnant! I might be coming back to you for those booties soon.

    • Thanks Christine. Back in my old home town and area I had lots of regular customers and friends who often stopped by to say ‘hello’. And, fellow stall-holders help each other out, holding the fort while the other goes for a browse or to the ladies/mens rooms 🙂 Great news about the IVF baby – medical science is amazing! I wonder how many people have been blessed with a miracle since that first birth in England that stunned the world!

  2. The plants and quilts look very stunning, Lancer! I wish we had little outdoor markets like these here in Chicago…the best we have are neighborhood ‘rummage sales’, with every over-priced cast-off you could imagine. Very difficult to find a ‘bargain’ here!

    I did not know you were raising the ‘fab four’ alone for a time…I have to say that Rod must be quite a wonderful man, and so happy to hear you and he are very happy together! (A bit of envy here, but I think my time for someone in my life has, sadly, passed!)

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