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The rabbits have eaten just about everything else in the garden but, so far, have left the pumpkins alone . . . I hope they aren’t waiting for the fruit to ripen then beat us to them. All those buckets are paying off in the pumpkin patch 🙂 and since the rain the rabbits there’s a little grass so the rabbits have been a bit less destructive!

Comments on: "Don’t tell the rabbits!" (9)

  1. You could serve the pumpkin with baked rabbit – plenty to go around! 🙂

  2. Here’s a thought on rabbit control, Lancer: perhaps next year, you and Rod could do a small square (or several) planting of rye grass or something similar, then construct a ‘shade’ over it to keep it from burning out in the hot sun. This would provide luxurious grass for the rabbits and just might keep them away from the gardens.

    Rye grass grows very quickly, can be turned under to enrich the soil, which can be re-seeded often enough throughout the summer. Just a suggestion, as they seem to go after tender, young ‘green’ things, and rye grass is quite delicious (for them)!

  3. Beautiful baby pumpkins!

  4. I can see many of them from the back door and I’m amazed each morning when I open the curtains as they seem to grow so much overnight.

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