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Pretty in Pink


If I was a flower  . . . I’m sure I’d be  a Geranium. What sort of flower/plant would you be?


Comments on: "Pretty in Pink" (9)

  1. Cory's Creations said:

    A pink Gerbera daisy. 🙂

    • Perfect! I’ve always meant to try and grow Gerberas. They always look so happy 🙂 Another favourite of mine is the Daffodil, so that would be for my ‘daffy’ days 🙂

  2. I would want to be a rose, because I think they are so exotic and mysterious. But I would probably be a daisy: rather common-place, but a bit cheerful, too. And that’s not terribly bad. 🙂

    • Daisies are very cheerful and make others happy, so I think that would be lovely 🙂 Roses are nice but they also have thorns and don’t last as well as some other flowers.

  3. I’d love to be a cherry blossom. But I’ve always had an affinity with big, old trees.

  4. Tulips!!! Of all varieties! So I could change every day, kind of like a chameleon!

    • I do love a mass planting of tulips! And, I think I’ve read that tulips do well when kept cold in the fridge before planting. Very appropriate as you are coming out of a freezing winter…get set to bloom in every variety! I will plant some tulips in my garden and think of you.

      • Ah, thanks so for that, Lancer…as I have no place to plant my own. And the freezing winter? It just became a freezing Spring–really, really cold here! Nothing has grown in the past week!

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